Frequently Asked Questions About Andrew’s Trip to Mexico

I didn’t know you were going to Mexico.

That’s not a question. Did you not read the title of this post?

Where are you going?

A small colonial town called Guanajuato in the central highlands of Mexico. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site (whatever that means), former silver mining region and a university town. It’s supposed to be beautiful and filled with cobblestone streets and tiny alleyways. It’s at 7,000 feet elevation, so the temperature will range from 80 degrees down to 40 degrees. I am told there are scorpions.

How long are you going for?

16 days.

Can I rob your house while you’re gone?

No, I have house-sitters.

Business or pleasure?

Here’s the deal: I have this job where I work at home. But thanks to the Internet, “home” can be anywhere in the world. For many years I’ve been meaning to experiment with working from another country, and now’s the time. So I’ll be down there to enjoy the culture while I’m working my job. By parking in one place I can enjoy living instead of traveling. There will still be plenty of time for fun.

Aren’t you going to be murdered by Mexican drug lords as soon as you step off the plane?

Doubtful. I think I’m astronomically more likely to die on the taxi ride from the airport to my apartment. Or while jogging at 7,000 feet.

Do you speak Spanish?

I took two years of Spanish in high school, and a year or so in college. So … kind of?

Is Hadas going with you?

No, she has to stay home and work. 🙁

How many hours of podcasts do you have on your iPod for the flight down?

Approximately 1 billion.

How many of those will you likely listen to?

Approximately 45 minutes.

Why now?

There’s never a perfect time to leave behind all the fun things I do in Portland. But I’m looking forward to some different fun and massive helpings of culture shock.

How can I get in touch with you when you’re in Mexico?

The same way you do now. My phone numbers will all work the same, my email still works the same. One difference: If you want to text me, you need to use this number: (503) 828-3844. I will do a future post on the magical technological shenanigans I’m using to appear to be local while I’m really in another country.

What is Mary Todd Lincoln?

Now you’re just playing Jeopardy.

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